Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning

Approach to Teaching
Our Core Programs
Our specialty classes are designed to encourage and support the growth of the whole child throughout the process of self-development.
Our enriched curriculum encourages in each child a high degree of competence and interest in foundational academic skills as well as:
  • Visual arts
  • Music appreciation
  • World culture
  • Language

Small groups and individual attention nurture a strong sense of security and self-confidence. The goal of our program is to develop well-rounded, confident children with excellent academic skills who are able to meet the challenges of middle school, high school, and beyond.

Innovative Approach to teaching and Learning
Technology is integrated into The Academy of 21st Century Learning through the use of tablets and flat screen monitors. This allows teachers to bring the world to The Academy through the use of the Internet and allows our students to talk and develop relationships with other students around the world through software applications. While we develop in our children a lifelong joy in learning, we also seek to develop in them the habit of helping and the moral responsibility for seeing beyond their own wants and needs to recognize the needs of others, locally and globally.

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