Friday, July 26, 2013

Tutoring Programs - Science

“Science is a way of equipping yourself with the tools to interpret what happens in front of you.”

–Neil deGrasse Tyson, — astrophysicist, passionate crusader for space exploration, and eloquent champion of the whimsy of the cosmos

 The Academy’s goal is for students to understand the big picture, the big question, interconnections, the nature of science, and the application of knowledge and skills. Whenever possible, the focus is on students conducting experiments and actually using their own minds to think about what the evidence means.

Kindergarden-6                                Interactive Science

Engaging students by use of the digital world and built on best practices, students will have four levels of support with content leveled readers in this fascinating and entertaining class. Not only will children have a hands-on approach to science, this new style will increase their reading confidence, vocabulary, and math skills! They will have fun becoming a scientist, if only for a couple of hours a week!

Middle School

Students have the opportunity to enroll in the STEM ”Building For Earthquakes” science program for science enrichment. In this program, they learn about seismic waves, math practice with ratios and proportions, making scale diagrams, mapping the earth, monitoring earthquakes, and learning about engineering careers in robotics and structural engineering.

High School

Backup Classes are small group tutoring sessions that “backup” science subjects taught at Will C Woods, Vanden, and Buckingham High Schools.  Backup Classes are $43.50/class and you can join a Backup Class at any time. Backup Classes will support weekly class lectures as well as focusing on upcoming tests through test preparation.

Biology          AP Biology          Chemistry          AP Chemistry          Physics          AP Physics

Homework Support

We also offer Basic Homework Support for elementary, middle, and high school students  who need additional support in the sciences. Pay a flat fee ($60/week) and attend as much as you want each week: Mondays – Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:30.  We help your children in EVERY SUBJECT

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