Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome To The Academy of 21st Century Learning Blog

The Academy of 21st Century Learning transforms lives by uniting the academic standards of reading, writing, math, science, foreign language, and study skills with creativity, leadership, art, and music. By focusing these abilities through curriculum targeted to the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, our students will become much more competitive when seeking higher educational opportunities and competing in the global marketplace.

We accomplish these goals within a community that affirms positive human relationships and sincere respect for self and others. The Academy of 21st Century Learning nurtures the qualities of self-confidence, integrity, and broad-based academic aptitude.

The Academy of 21st Century Learning combines the skills described above with The Job Journey program which transitions youth to work life readiness. It prepares students for the why-we-do-it-that-way models that businesses use in interviewing. Students learn how to communicate the answers businesses want to hear, without jeopardizing their own values. Through interactive interview questions, the students gain introspection and self-confidence as they define what it is they have to offer to employers, their communities, their families, and themselves. By completing the program, participants will have the confidence and interviewing skills to interview for and successfully obtain the job they want, even over applicants with more experience.

The Job Journey was developed by Barbara Dwyer who has more than two decades experience as a human resource professional and is completely familiar with all aspects of the hiring process. She has spent the over six years delivering her Job Journey program to hundreds of students in high schools throughout northern California in addition to speaking at educational conferences throughout the United States.

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