Friday, August 16, 2013

Enrichment Skills - English as a Foreign Language

These courses combine the four skill areas: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Focus on grammar and structure will be incorporated in a natural, non-threatening way as the students progress.

English Speaking for Beginners /Foundation Level:

Students at the Foundation Level will develop abilities in the four skill areas with an emphasis on listening and responding with simple oral answers. The reading component will be limited to common-usage signs in their environment. Their introduction to English will be through various proven methodologies that incorporate a wide variety of activities which encourage individual and group participation. This level focuses on survival skills.

Low Beginner:

This level focuses on building basic communication skills. Students will be able to report personal information.  They will use the present and PAST tense with confidence and will learn high frequency nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe people, situations, topics, etc. All grammar structures will be introduced through usage rather than rote methodologies.

High Beginner:

This level extends basic communication skills. Students will be able to use the present, past and future tenses to discuss familiar topics. They will be able to understand the vocabulary and grammar in basic reading and listening texts and respond to oral and written questions. They will be introduced to the difference between standard written English and text-messaging English, with respect for both. They will have sufficient confidence to handle simple telephone conversations.

English Speaking for Intermediates

Intermediate learners can understand and produce English language in all skill areas. Students possess the grammar and vocabulary necessary to describe past and current experiences and discuss future events with both oral and written skills. They will have a clear understanding and respect for when and how to use Standard English and English as used on the computer during social networking, with activities in both. Intermediate students will be able to understand and respond to a native speaker with increasing confidence.

Bonus Class**Business English Lessons

This class will increase fluency in professional business communication for an office, retail, or hospitality setting.

Bonus Class**Interviewing in English

Students will gain confidence learning how to interview in English.

Classes are 2 hours a day, three times a week.  $60.00/weekly.  Call for current days and times.

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