Friday, September 6, 2013

3 Reasons to Choose a Tutoring Company Over an Individual

Sometimes your teachers at school cannot provide you with the attention you need to succeed in your classes. Whether you need one on one attention, or you simply need to see the material presented in a different format, pairing yourself with the right tutor can mean the difference between failure and success.

With that in mind, you may be tempted to try and find someone at your school or on Craigslist to try and help you out for a little extra money. However, you would be better off finding an established tutoring company to match you with someone well-suited to your needs. Here are a few reasons you will benefit from a tutoring organization over an independent tutor:
  1. A tutoring company is more dependable - When you find an independent tutor, you simply do not have a backup plan. For example, if they get sick, or if some other unexpected event pops up, your session will get cancelled. Since they are not part of a larger business, there is no substitute tutor, nor are there any procedures put into place to ensure that you make up the session. But when you go with a larger tutoring organization, the company can work with you to place you with another tutor who is skilled in the subject matter you are working on, such as chemistry.

  2. Tutoring companies can provide highly qualified specialists - In truth, anyone can bill themselves as an independent tutor. For example, if you are studying for a chemistry exam and you need help, you may find yourself being tutored by another chemistry student. Sure they might be great at the subject, but are they really qualified to try and teach you? You need to understand that a good student is not necessarily a good teacher. That is another reason why going to a professional tutoring company is a good idea. When you find the right company, they will match you up with someone who is an experienced tutor... someone who has experience teaching students the subject you are struggling in and obtaining positive results.

  3. Tutoring companies are held to a higher standard - When you go with an independent tutor, you have to realize they really have nothing to lose. They are likely tutoring you as a side job for a little extra money. Whether or not your tutoring relationship works out probably is not going to make or break them. That said, there is no one to hold them accountable, and some tutors will take advantage of this. With no one looking over their shoulder, how can you be sure they are adequately preparing you? However, when you go with an established tutoring company, you have to realize that they have a lot at stake. Tutoring is their entire business, and they have a lot invested in it. For example, they have a large investment in an office, materials, and full and part time employees. So they have procedures put into place to ensure that customers are full satisfied with their tutors. Therefore, the tutors themselves have bosses they must answer to, which means they must do a good job.
Remember, do your research and match yourself with a well-established tutoring company!
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