Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tutoring Is One Method To Accelerate Learning

When children reach a certain age in America, usually five or six years old, they enter school. As is the case in this country all elementary and secondary schools are part of a system of public schools in America funded by tax revenue. Our education system was set up in this manner as a way to guarantee that every child in America would have a chance at an education. This education system was supposed to teach children the basic skills needed to live and work comfortably in our society. The skills taught to students would include reading, writing, basic math advanced math, geography and history to name just a few of the core subjects. However, many people would disagree with the quality of the education being taught in "government schools" and as a consequence two alternatives have emerged, home schooling, and tutoring. One of the reasons these alternative approaches have become so popular is that they allow a more one on one approach to the learning process. These methods allow the student more personalized attention, which some times gets lost in a large classroom setting.

The concept of tutoring is an age-old practice. It is generally thought to involve just a single individual but it can also encompass a small group. The most famous example of a relationship between a private educator and student is with Aristotle and his student the son of the King of Macedonia.. Aristotle was one of the greatest minds in western civilization. He lived during the years 384 -332 B.C and was involved in the study of many disciplines including physics, metaphysics, logic, linguistics, politics and ethics. He became so famous he eventually opened a school in Athens called the lyceum and in 343 B.C. Phillip the king of Macedonia hired Aristotle to teach his son Alexander. Aristotle's teaching must have had a significant impact on young Alexander because after he took control of the Greek throne from his father Phillip he turned Greece into the largest empire the world had ever seen. We now know this boy king today as Alexander the Great.

Tutoring today is mostly thought to involve the one on one instruction of a student by an expert teacher. Content knowledge is the essential ingredient here. And unlike in ancient times today this teaching method generally involves only one subject like math or literature. Empathy plays an important role in makeup of an effective teacher. The ability to understand and connect with a student is a highly prized skill and is one of the qualities that distinguishes a highly effective teacher over others. There are, however, other qualities that are also important in tutoring. Many of the best teachers also have the ability to use empathy and humor in their approach of passing on a skill or knowledge in a specific subject. The main goal of the teacher in this area is to help the student not only accelerate a specific skill and but to eventually become an independent person. This is accomplished by teaching the student to think critically. This is one area that many people admire in this education process and one area that many agree is missing in the public school system.

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