Monday, October 21, 2013

K - 6th Homework Club - The Academy of 21st Century Learning

The Academy is designed to support the growth of the whole child in the complex process of development. As our California curriculum becomes more and more enriched each child needs a higher and higher degree of competence and interest in the basic academic skills required for success.

How to study is equally as important as what is being studied.  Even our best and brightest can fail to achieve their ultimate potential if their study skills are lacking. These skills are relevant throughout our children’s lives in order for them to understand and retain all the different kinds of information that they will continue to encounter in our rapidly expanding world.

Study skills are an integral part of every student’s academic and life-long success. At The Academy, study skills are taught and practiced within the context of classes and programs taken both here and at school, with an emphasis on:

  • organizational skills
  • listening
  • note-taking and outlining
  • preparing for and taking tests
  • writing essays and reports

We recommend that study skills be taught through students’ regular subjects and not broken out as an independent course as it makes it much more convenient for the student and immediately  demonstrates why “this is important” to their success.
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