Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Advantages Of Tutoring

Generally speaking, tutoring has several advantages for students in the academic arena. It helps them to gain command of academic skills they may be struggling with in the classroom. It can improve their self-respect and self-assurance which in turn increases the students' mental attitude toward school. It has been shown to help reduce and in some cases even eliminate drop-out rates and truancies. Finally, it has the ability to crumble social barriers, produce new friendships thus aiding in the development of positive character patterns.

More specifically though, tutoring affects three major groups in a very significant way. It not only helps the student but also the tutors and teachers as well.

First, the students: Tutoring provides one on one instruction with teaching tailored to particular learning styles and needs of the student. In this one on one setting, education is unhampered by competition with other students allowing the tutored student to advance at their own rate or pace. They often receive praise, positive feedback and encouragement from their tutor, teachers and parents which is necessary in keeping them engaged in the process. Lastly, it allows them to develop a solid relationship with an affirming adult role model often resulting in improved social skills on the part of the student.

Second, the Tutors: Tutoring gives a tutor a good sense of pride and achievement for having assisted someone experiencing a difficult time in their educational process. It assists them by increasing their academic mastery of a given field of study and expertise, heightening the feeling of connectedness to their profession with other educators. It can also increase the tutor's self-esteem and confidence which should not be overlooked because it is essential in the furtherance of their career related experience.

Third, but certainly not least, the Teachers: Good teachers welcome tutoring because for them it can decrease the time spent on repetitious work for those "not getting it" in the classroom which in turn gives them additional time to concentrate on technical and professional projects for their classes and school systems. It can decrease or modify the supervising of individual students that can be difficult in a large classroom. But most assuredly, for the teacher, it affords them the personal satisfaction in seeing the accomplishments and successes of each and every one of their students.

Tutoring has huge advantages for everyone involved, this is clear and it just may be the one missing ingredient that can determine the outcome of whether a student succeeds or fails in their academic studies.

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