Sunday, December 29, 2013

The True Story of 'True' - Gina Cooke

The older the word, the longer (and more fascinating) the story. With roots in Old English, 'true' shares etymological ancestors with words like betroth and truce...but also with the word tree. In fact, trees have been metaphors for steadfastness and faithfulness for as long as the word true has defined the same qualities. Gina Cooke describes the poetic relationship between 'tree' and 'true.'

Lesson by Gina Cooke, animation by Brad Purnell.

Monday, December 23, 2013

How Do We Smell? - Rose Eveleth

An adult human can distinguish up to 10,000 odors. You use your nose to figure out what to eat, what to buy and even when it's time to take a shower. But how do the molecules in the air get translated into smells in your brain? Rose Eveleth charts the smelly journey through your olfactory epithelium and explains why scent can be so subjective.

Lesson by Rose Eveleth, animation by Igor Coric.

Friday, December 20, 2013

After School Tutoring Benefits Students

If your child is struggling in school, after school tutoring may be an option to improve his understanding of academic concepts and increase his self esteem.

Children that struggle in a school may not have many opportunities to get one on one help with academics. Some children are hesitant to ask for help while others do not get the help they need even if they ask. This can be because of too many children in a classroom or not enough time for the teacher to review and repeat lessons that a child is having difficulty.

For that reason, a parent may want to look into hiring a tutor at least once a week for additional instruction and one on one help. This session can last as little as 30 minutes with children under seven years old and up to one hour for older children. Sessions longer than the child's attention spam are not conducive to learning. Keep your child's attention span in mind when scheduling the time.

Look for an individual session rather than a group session. The opportunity to get one on one help should be the deciding factor in getting a tutor. Almost all children will succeed getting individual attention and individual instruction on the level they are learning. Be cautious of group tutoring sessions and companies that offer homework help. A tutor should re-teach and reinforce skills that the individual child is not succeeding in by finding appropriate activities in that subject area. Homework help will help increase your child's grade, but will not necessarily help them understand. Tutoring should focus on the understanding of the concepts, not only improving a report card grade.

Although group sessions can cost less and are an option is finances are a consideration, try to find a group that has less than four children per tutor. Larger groups will not provide the individual attention that a smaller group offers.

Some parents do not know where to look for a quality tutor. Of course, the best option is to get a referral from the child's teacher, the school board, or other parents. Look in the classifieds at a local college. College students are often looking for tutoring work and can be a great option since they are usually younger and perceived to be "cooler" than a teacher. Churches and religious organizations may also provide tutoring services for free or a reduced charge. Stay at home parents, home schooling parents, and former and current teachers may be a resource for referrals or services. You may also find the occasional high school student that tutors. This would probably be the cheapest option.

An after school tutor is a great option for parents to help their child succeed in struggling curriculum areas. If your child is in need of help, do not hesitate to start researching tutors now. The longer you wait, the more difficulty may arise in that curriculum area.

Rebekah Kogelschatz is a school teacher of gifted students. She has taught all grades from pre-school to 8th grade in all subject areas. She is a co-founder of the site SmartMoms-SmartBusiness [] and the founder of a preschool resource site Preschool Activities Everyday []. You can read more articles on parenting in her Mom Blog [].
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Music and Creativity in Ancient Greece - Tim Hansen

You think you love music? You have nothing on the Ancient Greek obsession. Every aspect of Greek life was punctuated by song: history, poetry, theater, sports and even astronomy. In fact, music was so important to Greek philosopher Plato that he claimed the music we listen to directly affects our ethics. Tim Hansen wonders what Plato might have to say about the music we listen to today.

Lesson by Tim Hansen, animation by TOGETHER.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mysteries of Vernacular: Odd - Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel

Whether we're talking all things unusual or mathematical, the origins of the word odd point to the Indo-European root uzdho, which means pointing upwards. Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel explain the evolution from the term for a triangle to a number indivisible by two and, eventually, to the peculiar.

Lesson by Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel, animation by Jessica Oreck.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Main Advantages Of Tutoring Services For Pupils

Every student is different, and their learning capacity differs greatly in terms of the subjects they excelled in. They may excel in some and struggle on others. And when a child needs help with a subject that he or she is struggling with, then it is perhaps the time to hire the services of a tutoring service that can help them grasp the concept that they are having problems with. This will boost their confidence and will increase their learning capability.

One of the main explanations why a pupil may have difficulty in class may stem from the conventional fast paced nature of class room teaching. As teachers have only a set time frame in which to present a curriculum and a large number of pupils to concentrate on, several pupils might not get the degree of focus and the help they require, or may be too embarrassed to speak at times when they're struggling. This in turn may lead these to stay away and have difficulty in silence which can dramatically ruin their self-confidence.

Students will be provided with the interaction they require particularly on a specific concepts that they are having difficulty with. Tutoring service offer a personalized service that cater to your child's special needs. To ease their anxiety, students have to learn at their own pace, and make them feel assured that it is okay to ask questions. One of the primary issues that arise in class room teaching is that an instructor will be not able to spend the same period of time on each student. This means that even in the case that the child is excelling, they might not get the praise and acknowledgment they need to be able to remain concentrated and inspired. When visiting a tutorial center, the child can get the praise and encouragement they desire, and you'll be provided with comprehensive personal feedback. This is also good for parents as they will be presented much more understanding as to which subjects their child is struggling within which can therefore help them understand how to assist in their child's education.

While some may have difficulty on some aspect of the subject, others will be able to excel and move ahead. Each of us learn through different means and understanding the subject varies accordingly with each student. By turning to the help of a tutoring service, students can develop an entire understanding of the fundamentals of a subject. This is done as a mandatory testing processes that can help teachers evaluate and prepare students for exams. With enough preparation, the student won't be stressed enough and their test results will be favorable. Should students really feel not prepared before an evaluation, the aid of a tutoring service may help them meet up with any kind of lost areas, rehash areas they're uncertain of and generally help them prepare for an exam situation.

The advantages of using a tutor are many, but parents should have a complete knowledge about the service they are having. This will not only make your child get the best possible tutor sessions, but also the best price. If your budget does not allow for a large fee, it is advantageous to use the net and community services to search for a voluntary tutorial service that will allow your child to benefit from additional help, without the worry of huge charges.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Loathsome, Lethal Mosquito - Rose Eveleth

Everyone hates mosquitos. Besides the annoying buzzing and biting, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria kill over a million people each year (plus horses, dogs and cats). And over the past 100 million years, they've gotten good at their job -- sucking up to three times their weight in blood, totally undetected. So shouldn't we just get rid of them? Rose Eveleth shares why scientists aren't sure.

Lesson by Rose Eveleth, animation by Karrot Animation.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scott G.- Parent, The Academy of 21st Century Learning

Scott G. talks about his daughter's experience with The Academy's 'Exploring Ecosystems' STEM program.