Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Is The Universe Made Of? - Dennis Wildfogel

The atoms around you have existed for billions of years -- and most originated in the flaming, gaseous core of a star. Dennis Wildfogel tells the captivating tale of these atoms' long journeys from the Big Bang to the molecules they form today.

Lesson by Dennis Wildfogel, animation by Pew36 Animation Studios.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Math Hopscotch at The Academy of 21st Century Learning

Math does not have to be 'boring' for your child. At The Academy of 21st Century Learning, we teach math in such a way that it becomes a fun subject for each student!

Check out one of our instructors, Cara, has she works through math facts with an elementary student! For more information, call 707-474-4710.

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Athlete Uses Physics to Shatter World Records - Asaf Bar-Yosef

When Dick Fosbury couldn't compete against the skilled high jumpers at his college, he tried jumping in a different way -- backwards. Fosbury improved his record immediately and continued to amaze the world with his new technique all the way to Olympic gold. Asaf Bar-Yosef explains the physics behind the success of the now dominant Fosbury Flop.

Lesson by Asaf Bar-Yosef, animation by NEIGHBOR.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pre-K Reading at The Academy of 21st Century Learning

It's never too early to teach a child to read. The Academy of 21st Century Learning offers a class for pre-K students that will ensure their confidence in Kindergarten. They will learn letters and the sounds through an award-winning program called "Zoophonics." The program is thorough, effective, and fun!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How One Piece of Legislation Divided a Nation - Ben Labaree, Jr.

You may think that things are heated in Washington today, but the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 had members of Congress so angry they pulled out their weapons -- and formed the Republican Party. The issues? Slavery and states' rights, which led the divided nation straight into the Civil War. Ben Labaree, Jr. explains how Abraham Lincoln's party emerged amidst the madness.

Lesson by Ben Labaree, Jr., animation by Qa'ed Mai.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Extraordinary Team : Christina Kasler

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
BS in Human Services
AA in Early Childhood Education

Christina has a passion for helping young struggling readers break the code and become confident and fluent readers. Christina believes that having strong reading skills is necessary for students to be successful in all school subjects. Christina is patient and understanding and really enjoys watching each child’s successes- big and small. She loves to see the look on her students' faces when they are able to read things on their own. She also loves seeing students who once disliked reading change to students who read for pleasure.

Christina spent three years substitute teaching grades K-4 in Vacaville and Fairfield elementary schools. She also spent one year teaching 2nd grade in Fairfield and one year teaching Special Education in Napa. Currently, Christina helps to prepare her young students prepare for elementary school and beyond at her private preschool.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why is Glass Transparent? - Mark Miodownik

If you look through your glasses, binoculars or a window, you see the world on the other side. How is it that something so solid can be so invisible? Mark Miodownik melts the scientific secret behind amorphous solids.

Lesson by Mark Miodownik, animation by Provincia Studio.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Family Science Saturday in Winters - This Saturday!

Saturday, February 8th...Science Saturday at Rominger from 10-11:30. PTA has partnered with The Academy of 21st Century Learning in Vacaville to provide a fun, hands on Family Science Challenge for students and their families. Sure to be a great time!

Event Details: 

Who: Winters Combined PTA (2 Schools  Rominger & Waggonner) 

When: Saturday, 2/8/14 

Time: 10:00 ? 11:30 

Where: Rominger Intermediate School (Multi Purpose Room) 

Address: 502 Niemann Street, Winters, CA

Monday, February 3, 2014

How a Tutoring Center Can Help Your Child

Has your child been struggling to grasp certain concepts in class? Are you concerned that he or she is falling behind the rest of the class and your help alone will not suffice? Perhaps you're simply interested in helping your child excel past their current expectations. No matter what your reasoning is, the benefits of enlisting a tutoring center's services for your child are endless.

Undivided Attention

Oftentimes the key to getting a student back on track with the rest of the class is simply providing an opportunity for one-on-one attention, which occurs at a tutoring center. Many children feel intimidated by the large classroom environment to the point that they will not ask questions or voice concerns about the material. In a tutoring center, proctors work with just one or only a handful of students in order to provide the undivided attention that some children require.

Relaxed Environment

Many students see the classroom setting as a threat. Surrounded by 30 or so of their peers, with the pressure of answering correctly and all eyes on them can be extremely intimidating. A tutoring center offers an informal atmosphere where children are comfortable enough to ask for help when needed.

Improved Performance

Enlisting a tutoring center's services will not only benefit those students who are struggling in class, but will also offer others the opportunity to excel past their classroom expectations. Obviously not everyone learns at the same pace, so while some may be left behind, others can become bored without new challenges. A tutoring center can introduce new material and expand on the topics that are only touched on in the classroom. This also allows for students to focus on subjects that interest them, but may not be discussed in school.

Recognized Learning Difficulties

In a classroom setting the student to teacher ratio is often pushed to the limits. In some cases, one teacher can be responsible for educating as many as 35 students. A tutoring center offers one-on-one interaction that can help recognize those children who have hidden learning problems. Many times when a student seems unable to fully grasp a concept there is more to it than a simple struggle. Learning difficulties can result from undiagnosed issues such as dyslexia or near-sighted vision. Children in a tutoring center will likely be more inclined to voice their problems, leading to a proper diagnosis.

The benefits of enlisting a tutoring center's services for your child are endless. It is an opportunity to take advantage of alternative teaching methods, a one-on-one teaching environment and more. Remember, working with a tutoring center is not a sign of weakness, but rather another place for higher learning and excellence.

About Get Your Kids Off The Couch  Get Your Kids Off The Couch believes that keeping kids involved in extra-curricular activities is an essential part of their growth and learning. That's why the program makes it easy to find the right activities for your child within your area. By utilizing a simple zip code based search, a wide range of trusted centers offering dance, gymnastics, tutoring, karate and more can be quickly found in your area.
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