Monday, August 11, 2014

Reading Programs Can Provide a Good Foundation

The key to success in anything is a good solid foundation upon which to build. The foundation is going to set the stage for everything that comes after it. When it comes to education the needed foundation for learning is reading. The ability to read something, understand it, and retain that information is at the core of the entire learning process. For those students that are having problems and are struggling to lay down this foundation solidly assistance can be found in the form of reading programs. If you or your child are having problems with reading it is vital to get help as soon as possible to avoid compounding the problem and having it affect the ability to study and learn in other disciplines. Reading programs can be a good way to shore up this fundamental skill.

Having trouble reading can create a number of problems when it comes to school work:

1. Students who are having trouble with their reading skills fall behind easily and as they continue to slip further behind their classmates it becomes more and more difficult to catch up. A good reading program will teach your child not only how to read but how to read in such a way that the information can be understood and retained for later use.

2. Students who have reading difficulties also tend to suffer from more self-esteem issues. They are afraid to ask questions in class for fear of looking stupid in front of their friends and other classmates. Asking questions is second in importance to the learning process right behind reading. They tend to have more disciplinary problems in school, using bad behavior to cover up their academic deficiencies. They act like they are getting bad grades because it is the cool thing to do.

3. Students who find reading a struggling experience also tend to get overwhelmed easily and quickly reach the point where they are ready to give up. This can lead to a lifelong fear of failure and criticism leaving them completely unmotivated to attempt anything that might leave them in a vulnerable position in front of other people. Success later in life can be sabotaged quite early by deficiencies in reading abilities.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that reading difficulties may also be a sign of a more serious underlying issue. Dyslexia and other learning difficulties are often hard to diagnose until a child gets older. Reading programs have specially trained tutors that may be able to spot any difficulties of this nature much sooner in a one on one setting that a teacher in a classroom just does not have the time to notice when dealing with a large group of students at the same time.

Everything begins with the core fundamentals as the essential starting point. Getting a good head start is important in assuring later success. Reading programs can provide this boost to get students back on track and up to speed with the rest of their classmates.

Anton Lebedev is the director of Plus Plus Tutoring, a private K-12 in-home tutoring service that offers reading programs in many areas.
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