Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Spot If Your Child Needs A Tutor

All parents want their kids to do well at school but when it comes to helping with their studies themselves, many don't have the knowledge or the time to help. And even if you do have the tools to the job, sometimes it can be hard to get your child to listen to you and your patience really can wear thin. If it's not working out then the next best thing you can do is hire a professional tutor. A tutoring service could mean the difference between success and failure for your child and their academic career; tutoring really can make a huge difference. If you decide to hire a professional tutoring service to help your child you will not only notice an improvement in their grades, but also in their self-esteem levels and their attitude towards learning.

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether your child needs a tutor but in general all children can benefit from the extra help. Here are some things to look out for if you think your child could need a tutor:

• They are hard-workers, but the results aren't that good. If you think your child is putting in the effort but not getting the sorts of results you would expect, something is going wrong. They may benefit going through the most effective ways to study and revise independently with a professional tutor who can guide and advise them. Things like how to take notes effectively and how to manage your time are all things that they will need to know later on in their academic life.

• They lack motivation. If lack of motivation is the biggest barrier for your child, then the personal attention that a tutor could provide might just be the best thing for them. Personal tutoring isn't just about improving grades; it is also about building up a child's confidence.

• The lesson style doesn't work for them. Not everyone learns in the same way, this is what makes a teacher's job so difficult sometimes. Some children prefer more interaction-based learning and if they are in a class where the teacher is more of a lecturer then this could cause problems. With a tutor the learning style can be tailored to the individual.

• The teacher isn't good enough. Unfortunately you can't choose your teacher. Whilst most teachers are great, there are some who just don't live up to appropriate standards. A qualified tutor could help to fill in the gaps missed by an inadequate classroom teacher.

• They struggle with one subject specifically. Most of us have our strengths and weaknesses but if you are finding that your child constantly struggles with a certain subject would almost certainly benefit from specialized tuition in that area.

• They don't cope well with examinations. Some children can perform perfectly well in class but when it comes to exams and tests they get incredibly anxious and perform badly. A tutor can help coach your child on how to approach exams, how to revise and how to control nerves when in an exam.

• School just doesn't cut it. For some exceptionally gifted children, the school curriculum just isn't challenging enough. They need to be stretched in different ways so that their potential doesn't go to waste. Make sure you are encouraging and cultivating your child's intelligence by getting them a tutor.

A tutoring service can be beneficial for people of all ages, no matter where they are in their education. Jason Kay recommends reading tutoring service reviews to learn more about tutoring services in your area.
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