Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Extraordinary Team : Janine Felzer-Boone


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, UC Davis, 1986
Two years Post Graduate work UCSB and SFSU Spanish Linguistics and Literature 1986-1988
Certificate of Court and Medical Interpretation Monterey Institute of International Studies 1989

Janine is a Vacaville local who lives with her loving husband, Alan, and 10 year old black Labrador. She loves to spend time with them both, especially during their 5-mile weekend walks. Janine has a bright personality, which is evident the moment she steps into a room. She is an attentive listener, and believes that she may have been a good counselor in another life.

Janine knew from a young age that she wanted to teach. She spent many hours of her childhood teaching her nephew, Jason, about geography. He eventually went on to get his own teaching credential. Janine tutored more formally in high school, working with classmates on algebra and Spanish. She later attended UC Davis, where she followed her passion for language and tutored students of all levels in their Spanish courses. She then spent some time at UCSB and SFSU for graduate studies in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. She has worked as a TA and an instructor at local senior centers.

Janine is passionate about helping others and providing service to her community.  She became certified in Court and Medical Interpretation through the acclaimed Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1989.  She has focused on this work for the majority of her career, but recently found her way back into teaching. She is looking forward to continuing her educational journey with The Academy’s Spanish students. She has a fun, unique teaching style and wants to help all of her students feel, taste, smell, and embrace another language. Janine says that she feels at home at The Academy and is thrilled to be able to spend some of her time sharing her love of Spanish with students of all ages.

What is one surprising fact about you?
For most of my life, I have followed convention and worked with my natural hair, which is dirty blonde, fuzzy, and out of control.  I thought that this was the only way to get secure work. A few years ago, I decided to let go of convention and do something unexpected- I dyed my hair red with blonde highlights and style it straight with a spikey appearance. This style is much more aligned with my personality, and I am glad that I have opened myself to change and overcome fears of others’ opinions.

What’s on your nightstand?
I have a leopard print lamp with frill and amber colored beads, and a simple and dependable alarm clock from my high school years that always keeps me on time for work and morning exercise. Also, there is lots of dust because, with my schedule, dusting isn’t a top priority.

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