Monday, January 26, 2015

When Is An Algebra Tutor Needed?

Algebra is one of those subjects that is capable of giving even the best students fits when they are first exposed to it. Algebra is one of the first advanced math classes that a student will come across in the course of his education and besides the usual problems posed by any new subject algebra poses additional difficulties because of the nature of math as a conceptual subject instead of one based solely on facts as most other subjects are.

But just exactly when does your child need an algebra tutor? Are there any warning signs that you should be looking for? A poor math grade in the previous school year, avoidance of algebra homework, behavioral changes, any signs that he is getting frustrated, or a recommendation from his teacher can all be good indicators for you to start searching out an algebra tutor for your child.

Math is a subject that is very cumulative in nature. Each new concept depends on the student understanding all of the concepts that came before it. If there is a lack of understanding at any point then everything that happens after that is just going to cause more confusion. If your child had a bad math grade for the last school year then he may not have an adequate foundation upon which to build his algebra skills. An algebra tutor will be able to help him shore up that foundation.

Does he avoid his algebra homework? Perhaps he leaves his algebra book at school and tells you that he forgot it. Or maybe he always does all of his other homework quickly but just sits there and stares at his algebra homework. An algebra tutor can help him with that homework.

Have there been any behavioral changes with your child, either in school or at home? Many times if a child is having difficulty with a class he will try to draw attention away from his academic problems by acting out. His goal is to distract parents and teachers with his behavior so that they do not focus on his failure in the classroom. It also allows him to tell his friends that he is getting bad grades in algebra because it is cool to do so rather than because he just doesn't understand it.

Is he showing any signs of frustration? Does he talk about being stupid or giving up? Does he seem to not feel well on those mornings when he has an algebra test? These can all be indicative of a student that is having issues in algebra class. An algebra tutor can spend the time necessary for your child to understand the concepts he is being taught and eliminate those feelings of frustration.

One warning sign that is very difficult to miss is when you get a note from his teacher. If his teacher suggests getting him a tutor then she has noticed either in class or with his homework assignments that he is having more difficulty understanding the material than most students. Take advantage of her advice and seek an algebra tutor for your child.

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