Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Learning Loss - Tips on How to Avoid It

It is obvious that the school year is based on the agricultural cycle; students don't attend school during what has traditionally been the summer growing season.

What may be less obvious, however, is that kids experience a phenomenon called Summer Learning Loss. Essentially, they forget much of what they learned in the previous school year, over the summer months which are usually filled with anything but academics. In fact, studies have shown kids lose two and a half months worth of math skills in the summertime. For kids already struggling in math, this means they will start off the next school year even further disadvantaged. However it's not just math; overall, kids lose an average of 1 month of learning in other subjects during the summer.

Imagine if athletes simply stopped training, or if you stopped making it to the gym for 2-3 months per year. You would see a significant drop in performance or conditioning.

The brain is no different. It needs to be exercised.

So how can you keep Summer Learning Loss to a minimum? Some ideas:

  • Use educational workbooks. These are available at most bookstores, and geared towards different grades. Have your child do about an hour per day.
  • Visit the library regularly. Find books that interest your child so that they are really engaged in reading.
  • Visit museums, zoos and historical sites. Help your child learn more about the world they live in.
  • Consider summer tutoring. Especially for children struggling academically, summer is the perfect time to focus on shoring up foundations, in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Summer Learning Loss can set you child back when school starts up again in the Fall so keep those young brains exercising during the summer months.

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