Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Does Your Child Need Math Help?

How can you tell the difference between when your child is just having a little trouble understanding the material being presented in his new math class and when he really needs math help? There are several signs that you should be looking for that may indicate that his problem is serious and isn't going to go away on its own. If your child is lost and confused, is suffering from a lack of motivation, is pretending to be sick in order to avoid school, gets anxious at the thought of a test, or gets upset when you try to help then it may be time for you to consider getting him some math help.

If your child is lost and confused when faced with a new subject then he may need some help taking those first few steps and getting a solid foundation built in order to continue making progress. This type of situation arises especially at the time when a student is beginning high school. It will likely be the first time that he is faced with any type of advanced math study. It is very easy to be confused by a new subject and math is exceptional in this respect because it is different than any other subject, being both cumulative and conceptual in nature. If he is lost in his new studies he can benefit from a little math help.

If your child is truly struggling in math class it can lead to a lack of motivation on his part toward school work in general and toward math in particular. If you notice that all of his other homework seems to be getting done quickly but that his math book seems to just sit there unopened then that is a very good sign that he needs math help. It is human nature to avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Does he wake up in the morning and tell you that he is sick in order to get out of going to school. Faking an illness is usually a symptom of more than just a dislike for school. There are almost always underlying issues and if you have already noticed that he is having trouble in math class then it will be a very good idea for you to get him some math help.

Does he wake up on the morning of a test and really is sick to his stomach? This is a sign of anxiety and should be taken very seriously. Getting him some math help will put him at ease and allow him to relax and score better on the test.

The only group of people that your child is more afraid of thinking he isn't smart than his friends is his family. If he refuses the help that you offer him with his math homework it is a very good indicator that he is having struggles. Just be sure that he doesn't believe you are going behind his back when you get him some math help.

If you have any question that your child may be having difficulties in math class then you should be seriously considering getting him some math help. Everyone can use a little help occasionally and when he is no longer struggling to understand his course work he will thank you for getting him math help.

Anton Lebedev is the director of Plus Plus Tutoring, a private tutoring service that provides math help.
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