Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Upcoming Camps: Vast Oceans and Math In The Real World - July 25th - 28th

Summer 2016 is here. It's time to secure your child's spot in The Academy of 21st Century Learning Summer Camps!

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Camps for the Week of July 25th - 28th, 2016:

Vast Oceans
Gr K - 3
Marine Science • Reading • Science
Discover the physical structure and behavior of various marine creatures that allow them to survive in the harsh ocean environment. How can whales be so gigantic? Do squids really glow in the dark and why? What in the world is a nudibranch? Students will select a marine animal and learn all about its physical attributes and behaviors through observations, research and discussion with classmates. Students will then use their findings to make many exciting projects including videos, art projects, and a special report presented to the class.

Math In The Real World
Gr 4 - 11
Academics • Reading • Science
Everywhere we look, mathematics is present. While scientists use math to describe even the most complicated concepts in nature, including the earth, space and subatomic environments, math also gives us the power to accomplish many tasks in our everyday lives such as: putting together recipes for cooking, making change, playing sports, and even getting high scores in video games. In this camp, your child will learn how math empowers them to understand the world around them and to approach challenges in new ways. They'll be seeing math everywhere and will be well on their way to joining the ranks of the chemists, architects, doctors, and others who use math to do exciting, important, and innovative things every day! Join in the fun and learn new ways to understand and explore math in all its beauty. Find out just how many magic powers math can give you!

Here are some facts:
  • Most students lose about two months of what they learned in math over the summer months.
  • Low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement.
  • Parents consistently say that summer is the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do.
  • Our children’s’ need to learn does not end in May when the school doors close. They need to stay active and engaged, which also helps them stay on track academically when they return to school in August.

For a detailed list of camps, please visit our website at http://academy21learning.com/summercamps.html 
or call (707) 474-4710.

We look forward to Learning Academy Style together!

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